The Duty of Kindness to Strangers

04 Sep

I have been following this lovely blog for several years. In this beautiful post, Sharon echoes many of my thoughts and the heartache that we share about the refugee crisis. Be kind to each other, fellow humans. Thank you, Sharon.

A Leaf in Springtime

DSC00027 - copy2

One quiet summer afternoon, several years ago, when my son was three years old, we went to the local neighbourhood library. There he played happily with a huge pirate ship set out on a low table filled with colourful blocks and wooden puzzles at the children’s section.

Soon a little girl his age came along and as they played side by side, my young child turned and gave her a hug as a sign of his affection and friendship. The little girl froze and let out a piercing scream. Stunned, my son stumbled back, his little face quivering with confusion as he battled with his own tears.

Helpless, I looked to the little girl’s mother who was nearby, hoping that she would reassure her screaming child nothing untoward had happened. Instead, the mother simply turned towards me and declared, “I have taught my child that no stranger should ever touch…

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2 responses to “The Duty of Kindness to Strangers

  1. grandfathersky

    September 5, 2015 at 3:05 am

    The world needs more hugs, less guns …

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