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Delicate Decorations, Christmas Shopping and Singing in Truro Cathedral

1   I love it when we get the cardboard boxes full of decorations out of the attic and open up them up to release memories as powerful as smells!   So many of the decorations carry a person or a place with them and each is revealed in turn.

2    Truro is beautiful even in the rain and we had a lovely afternoon buying the last few presents and going into the Museum for a few moments’ respite to see the current exhibition, 100 Years of St Ives Artists.

3   All three of Claire’s choirs met up in Truro Cathedral for our feast of Christmas carols. One hundred or so of us sang our hearts out and the Cathedral was full – standing room only!  It was a beautiful evening for everyone

Very annoyingly, I’m not being allowed to decide where I want to put the photos! Please click to enlarge any and to find the details.


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