The moon, Truro Cathedral choirboys and a double moonbow!

11 Nov

1  Driving to Truro this evening, the moon was a glorious, huge white disc in the sky. There was hardly a need for headlights, it was so bright.

2 The sound made by the choirboys as they sang in tonight’s concert in the Cathedral for last year’s flood victims was just truly beautiful.


3  I came home to this message from my Sister about a moon-bow – I didn’t even know one could exist!

“Oh Hawaii!!!!!!!!!!! How wonderful this place is (enhanced by a true, loving relationship.) Last night we went to a field of lava, covered with incredible petroglyphs. There we watched the sun set and the moon rise. We were blessed with the incredible vision of a moonbow. It is like a rainbow, but it created by the light of the moon. It held the full spectrum of colors, but muted to a gentle hue due to the source of light. At first it was just a small part of an arc, but as we watched, it became a complete arc circling the sky, and then, even more of a miracle, there was a faint echo of yet another arc around the first. A double moonbow! What a blessing, what a gift. I love this new home of mine and am filled with gratitude for my life.”

Thank you, Deborah, for this beautiful mind-picture.

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