Fathers’ Day

18 Jun

Father’s Day started with cards and flowers and breakfast in the garden accompanied by birdsong, the wren being the star of the show.

Over the last few months an historian has been in touch as he puts together a history of the school in Doncaster, Oswin Avenue Secondary School, where my Dad was Headteacher for four years before returning to Cornwall. I have sent him the following photos of my lovely Dad. The first two are photos Dad sent home to Mum while he was away in WW11, with his writing on the back.
The strangest coincidence came to light in our conversation yesterday as we discussed the final draft for the exhibition which will be in Doncaster Museum in the autumn. It turns out that the house we lived in, in Rectory Gardens, was also the home of said historian for 15 years !.

At Aldershot Camp, Nova Scotia. Sept ’41

Clarewood, Durban, Natal, S. Africa Nov 1941

The photo Dad chose for the covers of his books with his best friend.


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