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Sidney Poitier, Family History and Special Skill

Sidney Poitier, actor, activist and humanitarian, died yesterday. I loved his films and his philosophy. What a treasure he was for the world.


As a result of a brief comment on Facebook this morning, I have had the most interesting day.

My sister wrote on Fb , “My Mum met him – it was a highlight of her life! She taught deaf children in a very innovative way. Sidney Poitier heard about her and came to visit her at the school in Cornwall where she taught. I pay great respects to both of them!”
This lovely memory is not one of mine, sadly. I had left home by then and for some reason, this delightful news didn’t reach me. However, I have been researching all day and have been in conversation with people in Lostwithiel where Mum taught at the time. I have also been back to the family Cuttings Book that my Mum kept so carefully. She was very modest and there are few cuttings about her – the book is full of Dad and the rest of us. Perhaps the visit didn’t make the local newspaper.. 

The book opens with Mum and Dad’s wedding.

There are some pieces about Mum’s innovative teaching methods and her successes. Here are just a couple of paragraphs. Lots of children are named so I don’t feel I can show the whole articles without permission.


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Family History, Planters and Advice Please

This post from Nancy came in today and landed at the most appropriate time as I have spent the morning sorting some family papers, reading wonderful bits of family history and, at last, throwing out the condolences cards sent when my lovely Dad died in 2004. It was lovely to read the messages again and I have kept a couple for the family history archive. I will keep going….. Mum’s to do next. It is not a sad task but life affirming in a strange way.  Theirs were good lives.
In amongst the papers was this photograph of my lovely Mum who spent her career in Camborne and Redruth, teaching deaf children. Many wrote to say how inspiring they found her.

Mrs Wiseman, my Mum, at Roskear School

Mrs Wiseman, my Mum, at Roskear School, Camborne

This photo was also in the drawer, of me and the other Mums who had our babies on Christmas Day 1975! Both photos were in the local papers.

I'm sure you can tell which one is me!

I’m sure you can tell which one is me!

Our walk today was just along local streets once the rain had stopped. These planters caught my eye.

Welcoming doorstep

Welcoming doorstep

We’d like some advice please from blogging friends in the US, specifically those who know the East. We are planning a road trip next May from Atlanta to Washington DC,  though the Blue Ridge Mountains, visiting the Shenandoah Valley, maybe going to Baltimore. Where should we not miss?  We will be having a week in Atlanta with family and will then have two weeks. We would be very grateful for any thoughts.


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