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Peter Rabbit, Rougemont Gardens and A Mural

We’ve been up to Exeter today to meet Daughters 1 and 3 and LiveWire No 4 for a couple of hours of joy. We had a brief walk in Rougemont Gardens and then lunch before a little book shopping and all on our way. All too brief.  I had been saving a special 50p piece for LiveWire B, one of the Peter Rabbit issue, and here it is in her little hand.

Peter Rabbit

Rougemont Gardens was new to us and deserves more time on our next visit. The gate is gorgeous, there were lots of Spring flowers and the Tower looks as if we need to explore some more.

Beautiful gate to Rougemont Gardens


On the way to our lunch we came across an interesting mural.


I have published the next instalment of Suffragette Diary to be found by clicking on the red link. If you haven’t read any of it yet,  please do. It is the transcript of a real Diary that I found among my Father’s things. It describes the treatment of women in Holloway Jail who were there because they had broken windows ‘for the cause’, that of gaining the Vote for women. I have transcribed it to coincide with the Centenary of some women gaining the Vote in 1918. It is a very moving read and shows the courage of those women to whom we owe so much.


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