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Lovers’ Lane, Iris and A Poem

We had the shortest walk today in the gathering gloom, just around the block but Lovers’ Lane looked lovely despite, or maybe because of, the mistiness.

Lovers’ Lane

A splash of purple caught my eye on our return  and, yes, there was another sign of Spring, the first Iris Reticulata in flower.

Iris Reticulata

I came across this charming poem this afternoon and though there has been no hail today, the poem certainly catches the essence of the hailstorm I drove through last Thursday on my way to singing. You can imagine the noise on the top of my very old and much loved little soft top Beetle – a ‘storm of hornets’ indeed!

Hailstorm – Kay Ryan

Like a storm
of hornets, the
little white planets
layer and relayer
as they whip around
in their high orbits,
getting more and
more dense before
they crash against
our crust. A maelstrom
of ferocious little
fists and punches,
so hard to believe
once it’s past.

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