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River Reflections, Dancing and Kindness

We went out to a gig with lovely friends last night, Maniere des Bohemiens at Miss Peapods and it was an excellent evening. The reflections on The Penryn River were pretty.

Lights on The Penryn River

Lights on The Penryn River

The music was brilliant, so full of ecstatic energy and simply inviting everyone to dance Рand I danced! For those of you who are not regular readers, this was very special for me as over the last ten months I have had two new hips and prior to that was not very danceable!

While we were there we met the Mother of a very special young woman and heard some of her story. R went to Spain for her gap year, heard about the refugee crisis and set off to Lesvos to help. To hear the reality from her Mum was heartbreaking. This amazing young woman is doing such a beautiful thing. You may want to read of similar experiences in this blog. Be prepared Рyou will be reading through tears as I was.  Kindness to others is just so very important.


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