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Six on Saturday – A Moon Garden

I love white flowers. I once had a book called “Plant a Moon Garden’ which was full of white flowers to capture the moonlight. I am still working towards our Moon Garden and our white flowers are all over the garden rather than together. The next full moon is 17th June so I hope all will be aglow in our garden that evening. Here are some of our white moon-catchers.

1    Clematis Montana Alba in our shady corner with the fountain playing. This won’t still be in flower for the full moon.

Clematis Montana in our shady corner

2.  Lychnis Petit Henri. Beautiful delicate flowers on this little plant. We have two that we bought last year but they are taking their time to establish.

Lychnis Petit Henri

3.  White Cosmos.  Cosmos, pink and white, grow in profusion by the roadside in South Africa as we saw last Spring – what a delight that was – and I love having them in our garden.

White Cosmos

4.   White Cornflower  – to join the blue ones (not quite open yet)  in the blue and white border with the white Lupins and a very pale Foxglove in the back.

White Cornflower, White Lupins behind

5.   I can’t remember the name of this one, something Titanic I think………

Forgotten the name of this very tall and striking flower

6.  Mexican Fleabane Erigeron karvinskianus  We didn’t plant this but love it in our three  wall gardens. It thrives in walls all over our town, reappearing year after year and clothing winter-bare walls in no time.

Mexican Fleabane Erigeron karvinskianus

The Propagator hosts Six on Saturday. Pop over and see his blog and follow the links in the comments to other gardeners all over the world who bring their Six to the party.


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